Manufacturing Warranty

Thank you for choosing Zen Living as your supplier. Zen Living guarantees all products manufactured and sold by Zen Living to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year.  

In rare instances, if a Zen Living product is found to be defective, the defective part will be replaced free of charge, at the discretion of an authorized Zen Living representative.  All replacement parts will be delivered to you free of charge by sea freight as per Zen Living’s standard delivery methods and procedures. This warranty coverage will not cover for any labour charges to remove or reinstall products or any related components. 

This warranty is conditional on proper maintenance, care and use of the product. Damage from normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper storage, handling, cleaning, yellowing, fading, patina, staining, excessive heat, water penetration or force majeure, are the responsibility of the purchaser. 

This warranty becomes null and void if Zen Living’s products are altered in any way.  Improper installation or alteration of supply only cabinets will not be covered by warranty. 

Colour changes in wood due to sunlight, household cleaners, smoke and other environmental conditions may be apparent over time, as these changes are customary for wood. These deviations are not eligible for warranty. Replacement or add on parts may not match the original cabinetry due to these changes, however over time should match more closely to the original cabinetry. 

Wood will continue to expand and contract with seasonal changes therefore hairline cracks at door joints and movements of wood panels are characteristics of wood cabinetry and are not eligible for warranty.  These will be most noticeable in our painted wood doors. There is no warranty coverage for warping, cracking or shrinking of doors resulting from inappropriate humidity levels (Relative Humidity of 40% – 50% should be maintained throughout the year). 

A tolerance of 3/16” in door warping (corner to corner) will be considered to be acceptable and will not be grounds for replacement. 

Replacement parts are subject to availability, and therefore may differ somewhat from the original parts due to the passage of time, natural aging process, and evolution of products. This may include door styles, finishes and other parts or components integrally associated with products.